Polmak - Tak, jak lubię

2 Eggs + Durum

The line was created for ingenious, fast, filling dinners. If you don’t have any idea for a meal, get the inspiration from two-sided packaging. On each package there are two concepts: one for sweet dish and the other one for salty dish. You decide, which one you prefer. Packages are closed with zip, so the problem of scattering and reusing of pasta is solved. All of those innovations are applied after research carried out in company of our final clients.

We adapt to their needs and produce tasty egg pasta in modern packages and offer them new, unique shapes!

Wybite jaja, czyli masa jajeczna pasteryzowana

Eggs, that is pasteurised egg pulp

They are liquid whites and yolks from fresh eggs, without any germs. The pasteurisation process safeguards against the presence of, for instance, Salmonella bacteria.