Linia makaronów WHOLE-GRAIN


“Whole-grain from Ludwin” is made of flour produced from milling whole grain of durum wheat. Milling of husks, kernels and germs of the grain makes the flour richer in nutrients than in case of white flour. Milling the entire grain makes the pastas darker than the traditional ones, made from pasta flour. The husks contain valuable fibre which is necessary for correct functioning of the digestive tract. Whole-grain pastas from durum wheat contain 4-fold as much fibre as in products made of white flour. One portion (100g) provides as much as 44% of the NRV (Nutritional Reference Value) of dietary fibre.

Durum wheat flour has a lower glycaemic index so a portion of whole-grain pasta provides longer feeling of satiety. Due to large content of high quality gluten, after boiling semolina pasta is not sticky and remains al dente.

Wybite jaja, czyli masa jajeczna pasteryzowana